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How to be a Good Client

August 14, 2018

Well we have all had them, those jobs that just don't go according to plan. Constant friction between the client and the contractor. Many people document how to select a good contractor, how a contractor should conduct themselves, however I don't know that I have ever found an article about how to become a good client during a new home build or renovation.

Ahhh to become a good client. 

Recognize that you hired this particular contractor "The GCH Construction group Shameless plug" for a reason. You felt they where qualified to do the work, that they had good references, that the proposed cost fit with in your budget, the quality of work performed in previous projects what ever the reason is, always understand you hired them for a reason.

Home renovations or new home building is a stressful process no mater how you slice it. It is your current home and or your future home. Nothing is more personal then the place you call home. Try and take the emotional part of the project out of conversations you have with your contractor. Make all meetings, emails, text and conversations as business like as you can.

Don't nag. Be direct and kind in you dealings.

Professionalism, understand that no two projects are the same. Every time a new home is being built, or a renovation is occurring there are challenges and differences from one to the next. This is not ford motor company building cars on an assembly line. Each project has it's own issues. Rather then point fingers, or "blame" the contractor when an issue arises. Work with your contractor to find solutions to these issues. Look for ways to solve the problems, and be willing to compromise. 

Allow for changes in schedule and time frame. Obviously if a contractor is not showing up and working then of course a client should be upset. However if the contractor gives a viable reason for a delay in your project and is working towards a solution give them the opportunity to "do what they do" with out the worry of having a upset client. Yes delays happen, they are no fun for either party. The client looses time, and odds are the contractor looses money because of the lost time.

Respect boundaries. Your contractor "at least I do" gives most if not all clients his or her cell phone. That doesn't give either party the right to not respect boundaries. If it's 8pm on a Wednesday and you can't decide on a paint color and you just need some help send the contractor a email. If he doesn't respond till in the morning accept that. Most likely the contractor has a family, other obligations. Let them enjoy time outside of work. Always stop for a second and think how would I feel if my work constantly texted me over small issues at all hours and on the weekends? Most likely you would start looking for new employment. If it is an emergency then of course send a text or place a call, most of us will answer an emergency text asap and want to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Always remember the client that the contractor enjoys working for is going to get better service then the client that they dread having to work for. In the long run it will always save you time and money.

Hope this helps in how to become a better client!